"The Flux Quartet are the current, undisputed champions of Feldman's Second..."
                  Matthew Guerrieri, www.bostonglobe.com, 02.29.16

"...the FLUX Quartet gives us what amounts to a director's cut: a willful and unhurried performance that goes big on small details."
                  Phillip Clark, Gramophone, 10.2014

"Flux Quartet Delivers a Reference Recording of Feldman's String Quartet No.1...the ensemble demonstrates an innate understanding of this body of work, almost appearing to live inside it."
                  Bruce A. Russell, www.icareifyoulisten.com, 07.23.14

"Flux takes an interesting approach, rendering the music with a vivid muscularity that keeps it from sounding precious or mannered...a wonderfully expansive and poised reading..."
                  Joshua Kosman, SFGate, 07.20.14

"...an intrepid ensemble devoted to illuminating the pricklier corners of the contemporary repertory..."
                  Steve Smith, New York Times, 07.10.12

"The Flux Quartet made all the difference...The players displayed an astounding ear for sound that made each gradation of timbre palpable..."
                  David Patrick Stearns, Philly Inquirer, 06.14.11

"...the Flux members approached their work with utmost seriousness, performing with painstaking care and utter conviction...proof that Feldman's legacy is in good hands with the Flux Quartet..."
                  Steve Smith, New York Times, 06.06.10

"Intense, fiery sections alternate with moments of haunting solitude, all vividly illuminated by the Flux Quartet..."
                  Vivien Schweitzer, New York Times, 03.14.10

"The dynamic Flux Quartet gave an engrossing and volatile account of the Italian modernist composer Giacinto Scelsi's String Quartet No.2 ..."
                  Anthony Tommasini, New York Times, 07.19.09

"...the Flux Quartet is the face of avant-garde music, and their program last night for a full house at BargeMusic was evidence of their fans."
                 Harry Rolnick, www.concertonet.com, 07.17.09

"...Christopher Wheeldon's "Morphoses" was helped along by the sinuous Gyorgy Ligeti score, gorgeously played by the FLUX Quartet..."
                 Sarah Kaufman, The Washington Post, 10.25.08

"...The FLUX Quartet is legendary for its furiously committed, untiring performances..."
                 Alex Ross, www.therestisnoise.com, 07.03.07

"...the collective chaos of this defiant and mercurial music [Nancarrow] also made the piece exhilarating, especially in this gnashing and vigorous performance."
                  Anthony Tommasini, New York Times, 06.29.07

"...the LACMA gallery became a mystical space... [in] Morton Feldman's String Quartet No. 2 --- a work of legend and of indescribable beauty... the Flux was remarkable."
                  Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times, 04.17.06

"...The adventurous and excellent FLUX Quartet, who won a lusty ovation from the noticeably youngish audience at the Miller, were dynamic and assured..."
                  Anthony Tommasini, New York Times, 11.07.05

"...FLUX's performance was a masterpiece of precision and tenderness..."
                  Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle, 09.17.05

"...the FLUX Quartet established its credentials as one of the most fearless and
important new-music ensembles around."
                  Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle, 03.24.04

"...The instantaneous standing ovation and outburst of bravos that greeted
the FLUX players after six hours of pianissimo intensity [Feldman's String Quartet
No.2] was as rousing a recognition of heroism as I've ever heard at a concert..."
                  Kyle Gann, artsjournal.com, 10.26.03

“...FLUX is becoming the quartet that thoughtful new-music lovers had hoped the
Kronos would be: catholic in repertoire, dynamic in performance, and not stooping
to theatrics or watered-down Astor Piazzolisms to gain an audience...”
                  Kyle Gann, Village Voice, 03.19.03

“...FLUX Quartet played with dramatic power...”
                  Jack Anderson, New Yor Times, 01.14.03

"...New York's highly respected FLUX Quartet has built its reputation by handling
the most daunting challenges set forth by contemporary composers..."
                  Steve Smith, Billboard Magazine, 11.23.02

“...an unusual merge of virtuosity and inventiveness...their passion lies in the
present day...”
                  Christopher Q. McMullen-Laird, The Dartmouth, 01.18.02

“...the FLUX people---whose tireless and fearless activities, have brought a
new renaissance to quartet music...”
                  Kyle Gann, Village Voice, 04.24.01

“... impressive technique with vivid musical imagination and a knack for performing
on music's cutting edge...”
                  Joseph McLellan, The Washington Post, 11.01.00

“... a quintessentially American and aggressively 21st century ensemble that is both
refreshingly and annoyingly ignorant of boundaries...”
                  Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times, 06.06.00

“... technically accomplished, adventurous and vibrant musicians who have
lots of ideas and clearly enjoy making music together...”
                   Anthony Tommasini, New York Times, 08.31.98